Can I Drill Concrete With a Cordless Drill?

Can I Drill Concrete With a Cordless Drill?

This question is asked by many cordless drill users out there. So, can you really drill concrete with a cordless drill? Well, the short answer is a big yes. But of course, there are some considerations when using a cordless drill to drill concrete.

But essentially, most cordless drill models today can effortlessly handle concrete, mortar, brick, and cement. Moreover, most recent cordless drill units today are pretty close to being on equal terms with their corded counterparts. Of course, for tougher and bigger tasks, it is still ideal to use a corded drill. On the flip side, for almost every task, many users still prefer cordless drills because they are very convenient to use.

To find out more about cordless drill used for drilling concrete, read on!

Battery Power, Hammer Action, Torque

Battery power, hammer action, and torque are the most important aspects when it comes to completing difficult task of making your way through different forms of concrete.

In the following sections, we will be discussing these three factors in detail to determine whether it is good to use a cordless drill for drilling on concrete.

Battery Power

If you’re normally doing a lot of heavy drilling, then for sure your tool’s battery is draining very fast. You see, most cordless drill units out there, when utilized for normal driving or drilling purposes, will provide a decent battery capacity. In fact, you can usually get a couple of hours at the very least.

Now, trying to drill through breeze block or into a brick wall to hang shelves is not light at all. Well, you can easily do such tasks if you have a large corded drill, but if you only have a cordless unit, then make sure that your tool has great battery life especially if you are going to work on daunting tasks.

Hammer Action

Most drills both cordless and corded models provide a normal drilling action. But aside from normal drilling action, there are also those that come with an option known as hammer action.

From the name itself, this kind of action is about making the masonry drill bit just like a small drive aside from only spinning and twisting.

Now, the speed of the hammer action is measured in BPS or bumps per second. When drilling through tough materials such as brick, mortar, and concrete, the hammer action gives huge advantages. Furthermore, hammer action essentially makes the tool vibrate and spin fast, which ultimately aids to get through that hard materials.

Torque Factor

A lot people who are planning to purchase drills don’t really know what the torque settings on drills are and how they can utilize such factor. The most common misconception about this factor is that the higher the torque output is, the faster the drill can do the task. But it’s not actually true.

You see, torque is not about drilling speed but drilling power. You can imagine torque as the power that can be sent into the chuck as a turning or twisting action. A lot of cordless drill models are incorporated with different range of torque settings. These are normally on a control ring near the drill’s chuck and come with a set of numbers on them.

When it comes to drilling through soft woods, a low setting is just fine. Also, a low torque setting is the ideal mode for drilling screws with a Philip’s head into wood. See, low torque settings guarantee that you don’t over drive the head of the screw into the wood ir strip the head of the screw.

Now, in terms of drilling on concrete, you would want more power, thus a high torque setting is necessary. Thus, if you’re planning to purchase a cordless drill, make sure that you have different torque settings on them.

Bonus Tip

Get a good quality masonry bit. Your drill’s drill bit is a crucial part when it comes to drilling through concrete because you need a specialized bit, which is known as masonry drill bit.

Of course, there are some masonry bits in the market today, but if you choose such cheap bits, you might not get good results with your job.

Thus, if you’re serious about drilling through concrete, get high-quality masonry bits.​

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, you can easily drill through concrete if you drill comes with a rotary hammer mode and a good masonry bit. Of course, the other factors we mentioned above are also important especially if you don’t want to waste your effort on drilling that tough concrete.

Again, you can drill concrete with cordless drill if you have the right kind of drill and appropriate drilling bits. Please leave your feedback in the comment section below and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.