Can I Drill Concrete With a Cordless Drill?

This question is asked by many cordless drill users out there. So, can you really drill concrete with a cordless drill? Well, the short answer is a big yes. But of course, there are some considerations when using a cordless drill to drill concrete. But essentially, most cordless drill models today can effortlessly handle concrete, […] Read More

How Long Do Cordless Drill Batteries Last

For the most part, cordless drills are power tools for boring holes through certain materials. Unlike corded drills, cordless drills don’t come with any cables. Instead, cordless drills are powered with batteries. Of course, when it comes to cordless drills, battery is probably the most crucial component of it, because without any battery that can […] Read More

Tips to Help You Buy the Best Hammer Drill

These days, there are myriads of power tools on the market. And the thing is, they are competing for the attention of all consumers out there especially do-it-yourself enthusiasts and handymen. But among these great numbers of power tools, one of the most prominent one is the hammer drill. But take note that certain hammer […] Read More